October 2023

Total Vacciness

Staff from Comite De Bien Estar in collaboration with the Yuma County Health Department through the Esperanza Para Todos/Hope For All Program of the UnidosUS National Organization held the 43rd vaccination clinic.

Vaccines= Moderna for kids with Updated Vaccine, Hepatitis A, Flu and General vaccines


  • Yuma County Health Department
  • Unidos US/ Hope For All Program
  • Comite De Bien Estar
  • Sunset Health
  • Mexican Consulate
  • Campesinos Sin Fronteras
  • PPEP
  • The University of Arizona Cancer Center
  • San Luis Fire Department


Vaccines applied = 192
Moderna for kids 6months-18yrs= 18
Hepatitis A =50
Generals= 30
COVID 19 vaccines =18 

The staff of Comite De Bien Estar assisted more than 200 people who attended the Vaccination Clinic on Thursday October 5, from 9am to 12pm

During the clinic different services and resources were offered:

  • Sunset Health they provided information about Medicaid and the importance of having medical insurance that supports it, also cholesterol and Body Mass Tests
  • Campesinos Sin Fronteras screened glucose and blood pressure tests
  • The Mexican Consulate provided information about its programs, and events
  • The agency PPEP provided information all about the farmworkers programs
  • The participation of the University of Arizona returned, providing information about resources focused on cancer. They also conducted surveys with the participants.
  • The participation of the Fire Department is to take care of the safety of the people who attend the event
  • The staff of Comite De Bien Estar in addition to organizing the event, also participated with stand information about their programs and services.


The next vaccination clinic will be held on November 2, 2023

963 East B Street in San Luis, AZ
Hours: 9am-12pm


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