Total Vacciness

Comite De Bien Estar staff in collaboration with the Yuma County Health Department through UnidosUS and Esperanza Para Todos/Hope For All Program of the UnidosUS National Organization, conducted the vaccination clinic. On this occasion, Campesinos Sin Fronteras a non-profit organization also collaborated.

Vaccines= Moderna, Pfizer, Bivalente booster, Influenza, Tetanus, Pneumonia and Hepatitis A

Yuma County Health Department
Unidos US/ Hope For All Program
Campesinos Sin Fronteras
Fire Department San Luis, AZ

Vaccines applied = 219

Pfizer = 33
Moderna= 33
Hepatitis A =37
Influenza = 63
Pneumonia = 13
Tetanus= 40
COVID 19 Vaccines =66

Comite De Bien Estar staff attended more than 200 people in the vaccination clinic on Friday, January 10, from 4:00 am to 7:00 am. The clinic was dedicated to farmworkers. In this clinic the vaccine against of Pneumonia continued to be applied to all those aged 65 and over.

During the clinic different services and resources were offered such as:

  • The University of Arizona staff participated in the clinic performing saliva tests for COVID 19 as well as providing farmworkers hygiene items such as antibacterial wipes and masks.
  • Campesinos Sin Fronteras carried out glucose and blood pressure tests.


The next vaccination clinic will be held on February 2, 2023

 963 E.B Street in San Luis, AZ
Hours 9am-12pm


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