July 2022

Total Vacciness

Comite de Bien Estar staff, in collaboration with the Yuma County Health Department through the Esperanza Para Todos/Hope For All Program of the UnidosUS National Organization, carried out the vaccination clinic #

Applied vaccines= Modern, Pfizer and General for children from 0 to 18 years old.

Participating Organizations:
Yuma County Health Department: Participated with nursing staff for the application of vaccines
United US with the Hope for All program
Fire Department St. Louis, AZ
Campesinos Sin Fronteras (blood pressure and glucose tests)
Number of vaccines in the event= 83 Pfizer Vaccine= 40 6 months+ Modern Vaccine= 43
General Vaccinations = —

Approximately more than 200 people attended the vaccination clinic satisfactorily. In these clinics, first, second doses, booster and second booster were applied to all people. This booster is being applied to people 4 months after the first booster was applied. Also during the clinic, vaccines against COVID 19 continued to be applied for children from 6 months to 4 years old with the approval of the parents. In addition, general vaccines were applied to children between 0 and 18 years of age.

People from the neighboring country of Mexico also attended the clinic. Which came with different vaccines and Moderna or Pfizer were applied. The event continued with the approval of the combination of vaccines against COVID 19. All this in accordance with the specialists and health authorities.

The Fire Department, like each vaccination clinic, participates to observe the safety and secondary reactions of all the people who they apply the vaccine against COVID 19. On this occasion, the local organization Campesinos Sin Fronteras, performing glucose and blood pressure tests on attendees.

The next vaccination clinic will be on Thursday August 11, 2022
9am-12pm at our offices located at 963 E. B Street in San Luis,


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